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Do you want to know your and your loved ones’ Soul’s purpose? Experience the impact of Know Yourself Analysis, Lunarise’s most popular service! Get ready to unlock your soul’s potential and embrace the grandest version of yourself. Through transformative guidance, I’ll navigate you on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, illuminating the path towards realizing your true essence and achieving personal growth beyond imagination.

  • Do you truly know your soul’s essence and purpose?

  • Are you ready to unlock and harness your hidden superpowers?

  • Have you ever wondered about the origins of your soul’s journey?

  • Do you seek guidance on stepping into your greatest purpose?

Explore the depths of your being and uncover your true essence.

Find out about your innate gifts and abilities and unlock the secrets of your superpowers and learn how to harness them for personal growth and fulfillment.

Dive into the mysteries of your soul’s origin and gain insights into your cosmic journey.

Gain insights into your soul’s strengths, gifts, talents, and potential challenges through the natal placement of Galactic Center, Sirius and Alcyone.

Uncover insights into your Soul’s Greater Evolutionary Purpose and your Soul’s Evolutionary Purpose for the current year if you choose to know that as well.

I highly recommend this work for your children! When we know who our children are at Soul-level, we can stop parenting them the way we want to be parented, and start parenting them based on who they are. When we honor our children as Divine Beings having a human experience, we give them an incredible gift!

Investment: $111 (Soul Evolutionary Purpose for current year + $33)

Know Yourself for yourself + child/partner/family member Bundle: $197

Know Yourself Analysis + Life Lessons Bundle: $157

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