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Lunarise Glossary


It is the basis and essence of everything that exists in the material world. The first material element created from the astral world, ether.

Akashic Records (AR):

An energetic database that stores every choice that we have ever made. Each Soul has its own AR as part of its fifth-dimensional aspect. In the fifth dimension, there is no linear time (time disappears). 

Divine Source (DS)/God/Creator:

It is the Source that creates Souls that are unique and individuated expressions of itself. Divine Source experiences itself through its creations, the Soul. 

Divine Soul Blueprint (DSB):

The underlying framework or “code” for accessing vital force energy. Ideally, every dimensional aspect that makes up your Being is aligned to how your DSB was first created by Divine Source. This is how we were designed to receive vital force energy. At the third dimensional, physical level of our existence, we align to our DSB through choice. This is why it is very crucial for you to Know Yourself, your DSB. Knowing the DSB is essential to understanding what constitutes “positive” and “negative” choices for each of us as individuated expressions of the Divine. 

Dysfunctional expression of SuperPowers:

Circumstances, habits and relationships must either be transformed to align to the positive polarity or must be eliminated entirely. Creative energy has to create and if we don’t let go of what’s already there, we can’t create anything unless we’re willing to destroy. That’s where we go into dysfunction, which always looks like drama. It is creative energy that has no functional place to go and no productive outlet for it.

Energy Centers (SuperPowers):

The energy centers (different than chakras) are the Divine SuperPowers of which your Soul is made. They are the most important part of our Divine Soul Blueprint, because our energy centers are also how we are designed to receive vital force energy from Divine Source. There are 8 energetic qualities that exist within our DSB and our Blueprint always contains all 8 of these SuperPowers, but to very different degrees. That’s what it makes up our individuality as aspects of Divine Source. Your Primary SuperPower (and Secondary if applicable to you) is the energy of which you have the greatest percentage. We would be too overwhelmed if our Souls were not focused on one or two main Powers. Expressing these two SuperPowers in what we do and how we do will create the greatest alignment and abundance in combination.

❣️Our SuperPowers DO NOT CHANGE from one lifetime to the next and it does not change the course of our lifetime. This is literally the truth of who we are, this is how we were made by Divine Source. This is our Soul’s Divine nature❣️

Law of Polarity:

Everything must have its equal opposite in order to exist. Before we can create anything new, we must eliminate what was there before. The creative process is always constructive and destructive. The SuperPowers are different expressions of vital force energy, hence they also each have a negative and positive polarity. The negative polarity of our energy centers always shows us what we need to eliminate from our lives.


Quantum physics recognizes ten dimensional aspects of existence, which means we exist at all ten dimensional levels of existence. Our physical body is our third dimensional aspect. Our mind/ego is our fourth dimensional aspect. Our Soul is everything that lies beyond the mind, from the fifth through tenth dimensional aspect of our existence. All of our dimensional aspects exist as reflections of each other. The upper-dimensional aspects of our Being are affected and altered by the quality of our choices.

Negative choice:

A choice that is out of alignment with our Divine Soul Blueprint (DSB). What constitutes a positive or negative choice is completely individualized. A negative choice for me might be a very positive choice for you.Unless we know the energetic qualities that make up our DSB, it is almost impossible to know a positive from a negative choice. However, the quality of our choices is always very apparent in our results. Negative choices create blockages that restrict our access to vital force energy, limiting our ability to create what we want.

Pendulum Dowsing:

It is a technique that connects our fifth dimensional aspect to our subconscious mind, so we can consciously receive information from the AR. 

Positive choice:

It has nothing to do with what society upholds as a “positive/good choice”. In this framework, we consider positive choices as the choices that align to our Divine Soul Blueprint, because these choices affirm our Divine nature. 


The Soul inherits the creative abilities of Divine Source, and just like DS, it experiences itself through its own creations. Of course, as Souls our creation is more limited (ie we can’t create a planet 🙂 ). While we are incarnated, our creative canvas is our own human experience. 

Soul Group of Origin:

This is the star system to which your Soul incarnated to right after its inception at Divine Source.

Soul’s Origination:

It’s the moment when the Soul was first created by the Divine Source, before any negative choices were ever made.

Soul’s Purpose:

Our Soul’s Purpose is simply to be who we truly are and to experience our Divinity within our humanity. This is why our Soul is incarnated. Making choices based on our SuperPowers is the same as living our Divine Gifts and our Soul’s Purpose. It is key to creating an abundant, fulfilling human experience.

Vital Force Energy / Qi / Prana:

The stuff of creation itself. It is the energy that created each of our Souls and is also the energy we access to create. It is our life force, the essence of life itself. All vital force energy is derived from Divine Source.