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Finding Freedom

Leaving my corporate job behind was one of the most significant decisions I’ve made. I came to realize that my freedom meant more to me than anything else. Spending so much of my life confined within the walls of a corporate office was suffocating. Working as a full time Bank Auditor might have been financially rewarding and stable, but it was mentally exhausting. The work was outshined by the extreme pressures of greed, internal competition, and societal expectations.

Over four years, I witnessed countless colleagues who seemed trapped in their roles, not out of passion, but out of necessity. The toll it took on their health, both physically and mentally, was heartbreaking. Despite my many efforts to advocate for better working conditions, nothing changed. Verbal abuse and overwhelming pressure persisted, leaving many struggling to cope, including myself. It became clear to me that I could never return to such a toxic environment.

From Mall Booths to Childcare

Upon relocating to the United States, my entrepreneurial spirit stirred. The “American Dream” started to solidify became a reality instead of a distant ideal.

My first venture into entrepreneurship, selling toys and phone cases at a mall booth, although short-lived, provided invaluable sales experience. However, the confines of indoor spaces for ten hours a day stifled my free soul. Honestly reflecting on what truly ignited my passion, I found myself drawn to working with children.

Utilizing the principles of the law of attraction, I visualized my dream job with clarity. Soon enough, I found myself caring for four children, immersing myself in activities that transported me back to my own childhood. Despite its brevity, this initial experience laid the groundwork for what would become a fulfilling business journey. Subsequently, I embarked on a two-year venture with a family of three children, navigating several expected and unexpected challenges while reaping rich rewards along the way.

When I began working with this family, the youngest child, who was just three at the time, seemed a bit down and asked for his “moment.” Initially, I assumed he needed some alone time, so I allowed him to be with his older sister. However, a few minutes later, his sister approached me asking about his “moment,” only to find out that his favorite blanket was actually named Moment. It took me some time to understand their preferences, routines, and personalities, but within a couple of months, I felt like a part of their family. I became like a big sister to them, which brought me immense satisfaction. Moreover, knowing that I was valued by their parents was the ultimate reward, far surpassing any fulfillment I experienced in my previous corporate job.

The Birth of LunaRise Following my heart

Motivated by a desire to establish a space where authenticity prevails, I birthed LunaRise, an embodiment of my true self, free from the confines of geography and corporate norms. LunaRise isn’t just a business; it’s a vessel through which I aim to effect positive change in the world. I firmly believe that to see change, one must lead by example. LunaRise stands as a testament to this belief, an invitation for others to follow their passions fearlessly.

Finding the Perfect Collaborator: Naaman Creative

The journey to establishing LunaRise was not solitary. Collaboration with like-minded individuals became integral to realizing my vision. In Naaman Creative, led by my beloved husband, Josh Naaman, I found the perfect “partner”. Their expertise in marketing and website services breathed life into LunaRise, from branding to website creation. Their integrity, strategy, and ability to translate dreams into tangible outcomes were unparalleled. Josh’s mentorship extended beyond the realms of business, empowering me to navigate the intricacies of website maintenance. We had (and still have) a meaningful relationship where I could clearly articulate and build what was in my mind. Having an aligned partner in business such as this was crucial to staying true to the roots of LunaRise.

Embracing Growth and Making an Impact

Entrepreneurship isn’t just about building a business; it’s about personal growth and making a difference in our communities. LunaRise isn’t merely a brand; it’s a community, a sanctuary where individuals can collectively embrace their true selves and pursue their dreams unapologetically. Together, we embark on a journey fueled by passion, guided by integrity, and grounded in love. We can make this into a journey that transcends boundaries and transforms lives.

Long story short, my entrepreneurial journey symbolizes the transformative power of following one’s passions fearlessly and honestly. From the confines of corporate life to the boundless expanse of business opportunities in the United States, I have discovered a newfound sense of purpose and fulfillment.

LunaRise stands as a testament to the belief that anything is possible when approached with love, integrity, and unwavering determination. As we continue to evolve and grow, I invite you to join us on this extraordinary journey. Let’s make our lives a positive and meaningful journey fueled by passion, guided by purpose, and illuminated by the light of authenticity.

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