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Celebrating Our Everyday Heroes This Father’s Day

Happy Father's Day

Father’s Day, though celebrated worldwide, often does not receive the same recognition as Mother’s Day. This discrepancy is not due to a lack of importance, but rather reflects societal norms and expectations. Fathers have been pivotal figures in the family unit for centuries, providing protection, stability, and strength. They have been our warriors and our guardians, from the times of our great-great-great-grandfathers to the present day.

I Kissed a Girl and I Liked It: Choosing Love Over Hate

I Kissed a Girl and I Liked It - Choosing Love Over Hate

As we enter into the most colorful month of the year, being Pride Month, I couldn’t think of a better title than this. For me, this catchy line from Katy Perry’s hit song isn’t just about a fun, memorable moment. It’s a call to reflect on love, acceptance, and breaking free from the chains of societal judgment.