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The Importance of Sacred Energy Exchange (SEX)

The Importance of Sacred Energy Exchange SEX

In our modern society, casual sex has become increasingly normalized, often reduced to a mere physical act without deeper significance. However, if we fully understood the power and implications of sexual energy, we would likely approach sex with much greater reverence and mindfulness. This is particularly important for women, whose bodies and lives are profoundly affected by sexual encounters.

Biggest Lesson From Our Children


We learn profound lessons from our children. As I seek to understand my daughter Nova better, I’ve found that her true essence shines through her creativity and exceptional communication skills, which she’s shown from a very young age.

Finding “The One”


Growing up in a family where love was scarce, I always believed that finding “The One” would fill the void that my chaotic family left behind. Unfortunately, my early experiences with relationships were shaped by the toxic dynamics I witnessed at home.