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Biggest Lesson From Our Children

We learn profound lessons from our children. As I seek to understand my daughter Nova better, I’ve found that her true essence shines through her creativity and exceptional communication skills, which she’s shown from a very young age.

Small Acts, Big Love

One of the most touching moments was when Nova, only 3 months old, said “I love you.” It was surprising yet somehow expected. It made me realize that children come into this world knowing love deeply. Their innocence shows us the purity we often forget in the busyness of life.

Now, at 17 months old, Nova can’t talk much, but she expresses love in her own special way. Every night, even when she’s not feeling well, she blows kisses to everyone. It’s a silent but powerful message, saying, “Let my kisses heal you and remind you of the love I have for you.”

Facing Challenges with Kindness


Watching Nova, I’ve learned how easy it is to get caught up in the negativity that life throws at us. We can get tangled in drama, hold onto grudges, or dwell on negative thoughts. But Nova’s simple gestures 

remind me that everyone we meet, even those who challenge us, are just guiding us back to love and kindness.

It’s sad how we often get trapped in the illusions of the world. Nova’s silent message reminds me that love is our true essence, and we have the power to choose love over negativity. By letting go of negativity and reconnecting with love, we become better versions of ourselves.

Nurturing Love Within and Beyond

Nova continues to teach me valuable lessons every day. As we navigate parenthood together, let’s do it with open hearts, embracing the pure love that’s at our core. By nurturing our children’s souls, we also nurture our own spirits, growing with each lesson they teach us. Nova’s quiet wisdom reminds us to rediscover love in its most genuine form.

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